Vision and Mission of MHS

The Mission of MHS is the design, delivery and management of comprehensive, integrated managed care solutions for the medical scheme and corporate clients of Managed Healthcare Systems (MHS) in order to ensure patient care that is rational appropriate and cost-effective.

Core Values and Culture

  • Professional integrity, skills and quality
  • Innovation, learning, development and growth
  • Customer orientation: our raison d'être
  • Partnering for mutual benefit: creating winners
  • Results orientation: delivering value for money
  • Data management: always start with the facts
  • Leveraging information technology

Principles of the MHS approach

  • MHS seeks delivery of rational, appropriate and cost-effective health care
  • Managed health care needs to be managed in a comprehensive and integrated way
  • Quality of health care is improved and costs are reduced
  • Practitioners are engaged and play a positive role in the process
  • As much emphasis is placed on communication as on other interventions
  • The General Practitioner is the gatekeeper to patient care and costs
  • Data Management

    Data management is the critical tool

    The interpretation of information is the critical technique